A mere observation, if you will. . .

Some Caucasian “Christians” are upset about




but those same folks weren’t at all enraged about

                          thisanother red arrow

mckinney, texas


and then finagled the means to justify why

              thiscurved arrow
was acceptable

south carolina


and are utterly confused about



. . .and the events that followed. . .


but then decided


and thisred-arrow-397046


and thisred-arrow-397046


would be good ideas


and as the flames are being fanned, attempt to hijack #BlackOnCampus and troll their way into making part of the Black experience (aka something they will never understand) about them.



Dear White People,

I understand that white privilege has brainwashed you into believing that everything is about you all the time, but perhaps if you’d awaken from your little daydream, you’d begin to understand that it really isn’t always about you. Sometimes it’s best for you to cease trying to rewrite, and deny, the sordid history that your ancestors cataclysmically wrought into destruction past and present-day, shut up and just listen. On another note, stop practicing ambivalence and complicity by way of silence towards Black people when it suits you. Our bodies aren’t only valuable when you commodify them. We are human all the time.


P.S. CLEARLY, nothing has changed.

Black Students Integrate Little Rock's Central High School

Just some subtle thoughts.

Let them sink in.

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