doe jay-z need a lobotomy?

I have loved Jay-Z, and I have appreciated and applauded his growth over decades. I have all his CDs. I have paid to watch him perform live. I have stanned [...]

love letter to my sisters

I’m often told that I’m hard on people because of my tough love approach. Especially when regurgitating my unpopular opinions on the female/male dynamic. I openly admit, I may come [...]

meet virginia

This is a tale of two Virginias. Over the past 10 days, the state of Virginia has fallen from its eventual grace of solidifying coveted blue state status for all [...]

surviving misogynoir

If you are a survivor who tuned into the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, peace be with you. I hope you took breaks, but more importantly engaged in the self-care [...]

someone needs to read slim thug and I volunteer as tribute

In this week's Bitch, Please broadcast, washed-up rapper Slim Thug came for Ciara and her wedded bliss with Russell Wilson. Entirely fitting, of course, being that I came across this [...]

misogynists are not martyrs

Jahseh Onfroy. By now, you know him as XXXTentacion. Recently killed in an apparent robbery attempt. Also, an apparent member in the new-age cult of misogynoir and the adult male [...]

the hypocrisy of kimberly jones’ call to action

Keaton Jones and his mama Kimberly Jones done bamboozled y'all's gullible asses. You may have seen or heard about Keaton's video detailing the bullying he has endured at school, which [...]

the trouble with standing for kaep while caping for floyd

I logged into Facebook after this weekend's heavily publicized fight to see that people were apparently (incorrectly) equating Floyd Mayweather's "victory" over Conor McGregor to Black excellence. First things first. [...]

linguistic lessons: the etymological origins of fauxtep

I'm fairly certain that wayward man of Erykah Badu's acclaimed Call Tyrone fame, was a fauxtep. He had good dick, or perhaps his penis had been magnetized by Ms. Medulla [...]

america’s black kangs are upset with the most preeminent athlete of our time

Unless you've been scavenging the bottom of the garbage patch that is the Pacific Ocean, you know that Serena Williams recently announced that she's pregnant. By her F-I-A-N-C-E. Now a [...]