does jay-z need a lobotomy?

I have loved Jay-Z, and I have appreciated and applauded his growth over decades. I have all his CDs. I have paid to watch him perform live. I have stanned [...]

meet virginia

This is a tale of two Virginias. Over the past 10 days, the state of Virginia has fallen from its eventual grace of solidifying coveted blue state status for all [...]

surviving misogynoir

If you are a survivor who tuned into the Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, peace be with you. I hope you took breaks, but more importantly engaged in the self-care [...]

someone needs to read slim thug and I volunteer as tribute

In this week's Bitch, Please broadcast, washed-up rapper Slim Thug came for Ciara and her wedded bliss with Russell Wilson. Entirely fitting, of course, being that I came across this [...]

the trouble with standing for kaep while caping for floyd

I logged into Facebook after this weekend's heavily publicized fight to see that people were apparently (incorrectly) equating Floyd Mayweather's "victory" over Conor McGregor to Black excellence. First things first. [...]

linguistic lessons: the etymological origins of fauxtep

I'm fairly certain that wayward man of Erykah Badu's acclaimed Call Tyrone fame, was a fauxtep. He had good dick, or perhaps his penis had been magnetized by Ms. Medulla [...]