I have loved Jay-Z, and I have appreciated and applauded his growth over decades. I have all his CDs. I have paid to watch him perform live. I have stanned for this man. Many times. I even partially forgave him for cheating on Beyoncé.

But Shawn Corey Carter (yes, using his government is in order to illustrate I am not fucking around here) is currently engaging in willingly supporting the identity assassination of Black people.

His most recent transgression, in servitude to the NFL, involves giving nearly a quarter of a million dollars to a group that states “our mission is to be the strongest alternative to gangs”. A cohort that expects trump to help them quell gang violence. This same conglomerate also tweets shit like “all lives matter” and shaves off the hair naturally growing out of Black kids’ scalps so they can have a “better life”.

The Crushers Club was founded by Sally Hazelgrove. Sally is — you guessed it — white. See Sally wildin’ out cutting off the immaculate dreadlocks of little Black boys, (which IMHO is symbolic of a type of castration). Imagine Sally pressure, stigmatize and microaggress these boys into compliance with her actions. See Sally pretend to be an ally when she’s really a 21st century Daenerys Targaryen. Sally thinks she’s a Savior in the Chi, y’all. But she’s really just a lowly member of WHISIS.

What Sally fails to realize is that she needs to take those shears to the pre-pubescent bowl cuts of white boys. Perhaps that would stop them from terrorizing the United States by committing mass murders as teenagers into adulthood.

No matter the amount of sensationalism, or “redemption”, involved, I am not rockin’ with any defense of this maniacal organization. Or anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to their “cause”. The Crushers seem entirely too eager to exalt respectability politics and fan the flames of the extremely privilege-fueled antics that have kept a boot on the necks of Black people in the first place.

If you haven’t been briefed, the aforementioned cult — I mean club — also advocates for their clients — again, children — to become officers in the same state-sanctioned militia, er, police department, committed to ensuring these boys barely make it past puberty.

Seems more like the Crushers Club aims to extinguish the hopes, dreams, goals and civil rights of Black adolescents from the underserved regions of Chicago than anything else. NO THANK YOU.

This is one reckless-ass game of devil’s advocate Jiggaman is playing, and I’m beyond appalled.

More than once, I have quietly pondered to myself what Beyoncé thinks of her husband’s recent antics.

Is the self-proclaimed god on Quaaludes?

It’s more than disheartening that a Hip-Hop icon who has touted such growth through his bars over the years could descend back into the sunken place so easily — and voluntarily. Is this the trajectory that accompanies selling your soul? The same one that involves being a “business, man” and intentionally disappointing the very people you purport to support?

Would it have been “just business” if Jay-Z partnered with an organization that shunned the LGBTQIA community, too — which his mother is a part of?

More importantly, are YOU still ready for some football, or you cancelin’ Hov like you canceled Chrisette Michele after she sang at the hatemonger-in-chief’s inauguration?

Just checking.

Because there is definitively a double standard when Black men make these sorts of “errors” as opposed to Black women. Black women are figuratively hanged like the witches of Salem, never to return to their former glory — or paychecks.

Yes, we often take our 21st century obsession with “cancel culture” too far, but I think it’s apropos to apply it here.

Because Jay-Z and his self-aggrandizement need to be taken down a notch. And now is certainly the time and the place.

I shame folks who vote against their own interests. I can no longer support one.

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