This is a tale of two Virginias.

Over the past 10 days, the state of Virginia has fallen from its eventual grace of solidifying coveted blue state status for all the bleeding heart liberals to morphing into a raging political dumpster fire.

Do you know how many times I’ve heard someone seriously ponder aloud, “What the fuck is going on in Virginia” over the last week and a half? Rhetorical. It’s been a lot. A LOT.

A state that’s transitioned from solid red to blue over the past few decades has supplemented its resume.

It’s added a Democratic governor who wasn’t only a physician, but also, moonlighted as a jovial blackfaced white supremacist. Any white person who thinks it’s no big deal to don such theatrics, even in jest, is riddled with a superiority complex. Ralph Northam’s apparent history of latent racism, in conjunction with taking the Hippocratic Oath, comes with a whole other set of (extremely dangerous) problems, as he likely treated and advised Black patients over the course of his medical career. He who confirmed, then denied, then confirmed again, that it was, in fact, really he who painted his face with black shoe-polish. This same man has now “committed” himself to focusing the remainder of his term on “racial equity.” I find his sentiments to be pretty presumptuous as his resignation has already been called for and the completion of his term is not guaranteed.

Adding insult to injury, his would-be predecessor and Black lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax –who I was rooting for–has been accused of sexual assault and rape by two women. And I’m always inclined to believe the victim over the accused.

I won’t even start on Mark Herring.

How did Virginia turn into the meeting place for the Sons of the Confederacy and men who ignore the nuance of consent at the same damn time?

I need to know Who Got Next?? I’m Black and I’m a woman. I can no longer rock with any of these motherfuckers in good faith.

For those confused folk asking, “WTF is wrong with Virginia?

In the infamous words of the King of Pop, It’s Black. It’s White.

I have lived in VA for most of my natural life. Half in what will forever be solid red state Virginia, the southwestern region. The other half in “DMV” Virginia. But don’t get it twisted. Northern Virginia is still The South.

This is Tale of Two Cities shit.

Virginia is a dichotomy. There’s VA after you hit 66-East and there’s VA after you hit 81-South.

Let me help you. In the part of Virginia I’m from, we were granted a week off for hunting season when I was in elementary school. It was part of our physical education program to learn the Virginia reel. This was a popular folk-dance dating back to the 17th century, better known as the 1600s–when tricking and forcing Black people into legal slavery was picking up momentum. In the 90s, rednecks from my high school drove to school in their pick-up trucks, Confederate flags arbitrarily splashed across windows, rifles conspicuously displayed from the gun mount inside their vehicles.

Quiet as it’s kept, you can still see shit like this if you go to Manassas, VA. However, I personally believe that Northern Virginians don’t actually consider any city past Fairfax in the direction of 66-West to be part of NOVA.

Certainly, while Virginia may be for lovers, it’s also for crazed, egomaniacal white supremacists and racists.

Growing up in rural Virginia, Black friends recounted tales of having the backs of their seats kicked on the bus ride to school and being call