Keaton Jones and his mama Kimberly Jones done bamboozled y’all’s gullible asses.

You may have seen or heard about Keaton’s video detailing the bullying he has endured at school, which went viral last week.

According to what I’ve read and seen, however, Kimberly likely voted for the biggest bully known to humankind right now–her president, trump. Yet, she is alarmingly comfortable eliciting sympathy for her son’s unfair and oppressive circumstances.

The irony in all of this is the number of “celebrity” people of color who are offering their support, well-wishes and Make-A-Wish foundation type experiences in solidarity with Keaton’s suffering. It’s astonishing considering Kimberly Jones’ apparent affinity for the confederate flag (though it appears her social media is now private, though the internet runneth over with screenshots of her white supremacist transgressions) and evident hopefulness that “the south will rise again”.

She doesn’t support the NFL players who choose to kneel. But she welcomes the offerings the Black players’ labor has afforded them and they now wish to bestow upon her distressed son.

I’m absolutely POSITIVE Kim ain’t out here stanning for the Black Lives Matter movement and people of color violated, assaulted and slain by the police so regularly, it’s come to be something we expect, therefore numb ourselves to. We have become complicit with reducing Black lives to a mere hashtag. We throw our support behind it, only to sit and wait for the psychological trauma the next one will bring.

By supporting all of the above, Kimberly Jones is advocating the harassment, harm, further oppression and extinction of Black folks and other people of color. If you support this woman and her son, it’s analogous to the support I outlined in the trouble with standing for kaep while caping for floyd. You’re further substantiating her dangerous mentality, one that echoes and propagates a sentiment of xenophobia and alienating those who are different from you. And isn’t that the primary foundation of bullying?

While I don’t support bullying ANYONE, I have a mighty strong feeling that there’s a lot of hate being taught and passed down in Keaton’s house.

Directly and indirectly.

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