Troglodytic mentality.

Those are just about the only two words I can think of that appropriately describe the oft pernicious behavior of dudebros, Ryan Lochte being the most recent offender. Honestly. Do white boys know how NOT to be destructive in ANY land?

After fabricating a story of being pick-pocketed at gunpoint, this silver-haired douche then clandestinely hopped on a plane as not to be the next Otto Warmbier–detained in a country that is not his own and not here for his deceptive, bullsh–, privileged antics. Abandoning fellow Olympians and teammates he should have been setting an example for in the process, when sh-t was all good just a week ago.

This “incident” is a pristine example of white privilege…running amok in foreign countries, vandalizing property, pissing on floors and walls, then constructing inconsistent stories about the brown inhabitants of said country holding a gun to your head and burglarizing you. And for what purpose? To solicit sympathy for a god-amn fabrication you imagined to conceal your own wrongdoing?

Imagine the outcries and backlash a Black athlete would have received had they been caught up in this menagerie of f-ckery and scandalous web of Olympian-proportioned lies.

doucheThen we have the International Olympic Committee further enabling white privilege by referring to this fool as “just a kid”. Were this an actual kid–say, a teenaged Black child–he would undoubtedly be painted as a threat and a menace to society, a burden even. Oh. And I’m positive somebody would dig up various randomly obscure photos of him throwing up “gang” signs or rolling a blunt to show what a misguided, “bad” human being he is and how he is obviously on the path to juve. ‪Prison Industrial Complex, anyone? Yet, Lochte, 7 years beyond when his frontal lobe should have reached full maturity, is given a pass. And I don’t think anyone with melanin is confused as to why.

As in most cases of folks who look like Lochte, the backlash has been what I’d consider somewhat mild. And following the typical, robotic protocol for issues of this ilk, this ingrate went on to issue some lame-a– apology. But we all know what’s he really sorry for. Being caught in a stupid-a– lie that a kindergartner could have trumped.

I don’t advocate violence, but somebody oughta punch this pixie-haired moron of a man.

As if white folks across the internet attributing backgrounds other than Caucasian to Lochte in order to shield him from further public scrutiny that his white privilege has–in fact–saved him isn’t insulting enough, they are also upset with Lebron James for praising the performance of Black Olympians in this year’s games.

Clearly, white privilege kills a litany of things:
people, brain cells, critical thinking–the ability to comprehend or process, hopes, dreams…you get the idea.

One can only wish on a star that somebody’s authorities extradite Lochte’s dumba– back to Rio de Janeiro…on a ship. I mean, sometimes dreams really do come true.