sabbath fun

I'm just going to leave this here because Lupita is God's gift to mankind, and when she speaks, you should listen.

culture shock: the politics of black representation on tv

Editor's Note: The following piece was written in 2010. Two of the television shows dissected herein have since been canceled and no longer air, but may be viewed on Netflix, [...]

protect ya neck: a wu-tang style guide to dmv dating

Alas, the concept of dating in the DMV is brutally perplexing for innumerable women, and dare I say, hazardous to the self-esteem of many. Oh, that you were a fly [...]

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lita’s strip club commandments

I love strip clubs. Honest. I probably spend more time in these establishments than Champagne Papi. This is surprising to no one that actually knows me. Except I doubt my [...]