the trouble with standing for kaep while caping for floyd

I logged into Facebook after this weekend's heavily publicized fight to see that people were apparently (incorrectly) equating Floyd Mayweather's "victory" over Conor McGregor to Black excellence. First things first. [...]

linguistic lessons: the etymological origins of fauxtep

I'm fairly certain that wayward man of Erykah Badu's acclaimed Call Tyrone fame, was a fauxtep. He had good dick, or perhaps his penis had been magnetized by Ms. Medulla [...]

the elusivity of whites and privilege

A few weeks ago, a clueless white chick--sadly, a former middle and high school classmate of mine--felt the need to apologize to me for her being born white and my [...]

the conundrum of bridget jones’s baby

The concept of the movie Bridget Jones's Baby, released September 16 of this year, is problematic for several reasons. Walk with me. If Bridget Jones' was Briana Jenkins, a quirky [...]

ryan lochte is the poster child for white privilege and dudebro shenanigans

Troglodytic mentality. Those are just about the only two words I can think of that appropriately describe the oft pernicious behavior of dudebros, Ryan Lochte being the most recent offender. [...]

the birth of a rape conviction threatens film, the birth of a nation, and rightfully so

I was once captivated by the concept of Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation. But in my heart of hearts, with the recent revelations leveled against him and the [...]

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